How to create consistent renderings?

Hi everyone. I need some help. I just started using rhino less than a week ago. I am working on a project where I need to create multiple renderings of different mouldings. How can I render each one in the exact same angle and size for all of them?

make a named view and place all objects in it it will remember the exact angle and zoom. you can do that in all viewports if you need a 2d or 3d display of it.

Thank you for the quick help! I will give that a try. Is there a way to set a specific angle for the camera as well?

there are 2 and a 1/2 options which i can give you, those are maybe not all.

you can always make a surface or a quick cube and set the angle of that object as you want to have the camera aligned and use OrientCameraToSrf which might be the easiest. or you toggle the camera object simply with the command camera and rotate the camera with the gumball but you have to do that from the 2d viewports. so best would be to go to 4 view click on perspective and toggle camera.

you can also adjust the camera and the target in the viewport setting but i am on a mac rhino so i am not sure how you could find that probably right click on the name of the view and viewport properties if its not displayed already.

Do you mean the Angle of view? If so, Rhino calls this ‘lens length’ and it’s available in the Properties panel when the Perspective view is active and nothing is selected. 50 is the default and it’s similar to the angle of view when looking at something on a table top, 25 on the other hand would give you more of a looking up at a building on a street type perspective.

The camera lens length and position will be part of the saved Named View. Access the Named Views panel from the Panels drop down menu.

Thank you! that helped a lot :slight_smile: