Permanently stored custom resolution for "ViewCaptureToFile"?

Hi guys, I just wanted to ask if there is a chance for the “ViewCaptureToFile” menu in Rhino 7 to be upgraded so that it will permanently store at least one custom resolution (plus the scale factor for it) for the screenshot function that will be remembered even if at some moment the resolution is being changed with some of the existing default resolutions. The problem that I see in the current implementation is that the custom resolution is being lost after swapping it with some of the default resolutions, so the next time I want to use my preferred custom resolution I have to manually write it again, because it’s no longer remembered by Rhino. For printing on A4 paper format I use a custom resolution of 3564 x 2520 pixels (or 1782 x 1260 pixels with scale factor of 2), but sometimes I also need to make screenshots with the actual resolution of my 4K TV which is 3840 x 2160 pixels. Once I do the latter, my custom resolution gets immediately deleted from the list of available resolutions…

Also, I find it a little strange that in year 2020 with all the 4K monitors and TVs on the market there is no default resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) in the “ViewCaptureToFile” menu. One of the quick solutions is to pick the 1920 x 1080 option and then scale it by 2, but that’s a bit inconvenient, especially if a custom resolution needs to be used later and then the Scale x2 needs to be reverted to 1 again, which takes extra mouse clicks.



4K is so 2015! Just yesterday I was at my local big box electronics store where they were prominently displaying Samsung’s 8K TV. And they only wanted US$ 7000 for it in the 65 inch (1.65 m) size!

Hello -
! -ViewCaptureToFile Scale=1 LockAspectRatio=No Width=3564 Height=2520 Browse

Does that help at all?


Yes, that works perfectly and Rhino remembers the custom capture resolution for the next screen captures. Thanks! :slight_smile: I will have to create a new button for this.