Performance issue while generating graphics for Section/Elevation

Hello, I am experiencing a major issue with a large building (80.000m2). The file isn’t that large (109MB) an it is mostly modeled in VA, made up of a mix of mainly VA elements and 3 main blocks (1 for each typical floor) repeated Ntimes. Every time I reopen the file takes a while to regenerate.
I am trying to generate Section or Elevations but it is proving impossible. VisualARQ stays on 0% while the CPU seems not to be very active on the process. Any suggestion on how to go about this?

Hi @federico.pedrini,

Which version of VisualARQ and Rhino are you using?

Do you have V-Ray 4.20.03 installed? We have detected a problem between VisualARQ and the last update of V-Ray, which makes open models very slow, specially on models with blocks that contains many VisualARQ objects.

Can you send us the model to


Hello, I have indeed vray 4.20.03. VisualArq 2.85 and Rhin 6 SR9.
I will send the file