Analyse and Modify existing perforation pattern

Hello All,

I have a panel that already has a perforation pattern. I want to optimise the percentage of the opening areas and therefore I want to be able to take the existing pattern and modify it. Is this possible?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Sorry I’m still learning GH :slight_smile:

I have attached an image of the surface in question.

Did you make this, can we see the file or is this what you what to do but more “optimised” as you say?

Hi Carlos,

I uploaded the rhino file of the panel. The pattern is an existing one and I want to use this as baseline and then modify it so I can see the effect of different percentages of openings. This is part of a shadow analysis. The pattern layout is not fixed so it can be random, I am more interested in the different opening areas if that makes sense.

perforated_panel.3dm (3.3 MB)

It would be best if you model it first in GH, simpler.

I have a DWG that has the pattern, so if I understood you correctly, do you suggest to take the pattern as curves into GH and then apply that to a surface?

I wouldn’t waste time, just do it all in GH it will give you more flexibility.

Not exactly same as your image. But to give you an idea. See the script attached. Where I scaled the opening area randomly.

perfo BVR (16.3 KB)

PS: screenshot image doesn’t have perforations but actual file has it.