Jobs offered are never rhino are we limited scope?

Just looking through websites that have jobs offered for bidding on, Its always AutoCAD or solidworks or Inventor etc required, not found anyone yet accepting Rhino.
Unable to bid as such.
is Rhino usage a limit to chances of work ?


What location / type of job? For architecture here in the U.S. Most are Rhino, Revit, AutoCad, and usually Grasshopper as a plus.

I’m fluent in all these softwares (somewhat catia,too) and would tout my preference to use Rhino/Grasshopper; in fact, it would be a deal breaker not to do so.

just looking at what jobs are being offered, site is open to international bids, not seen anyone yet saying Rhino.
Local jobs (geographically) as said, AutoCad, solidworks, Inventor etc.


This used to be a problem here in Czech Republic five years ago, architecture graduates complained that all the jobs offered required 3ds max although studios probably used cracked software while students owned rhino licences.

Nowadays it’s all rhino and sketchup. Which, compared to rhino, seems to be on its track to prevail in architecture field due to many architecture-only functions being implemented like better drafting, bim etc etc. Also free-form architecture is often shit so we mostly use even rhino for modeling orthogonal stuff.