Per Machine or Per User install

Maybe this is just my preference. But it’s certainly my perception that a plugin installed on a per machine basis is useful within the AEC market. At present GeometryGym installers are executed this way and I’d prefer not to be hybrid and allow both per machine and per user.

I submitted a pull request for Rhino Inside Revit ( to enable a per machine detection which is still pending. We can’t really distribute the GeometryGym RhinoInsideRevit GH plugin ( for users to test until either the pull request is accepted or I change my installer.

I’m interested if anyone offers opinions on this. Should GeometryGym allow per user update installation as a preference from McNeel and the user community?

Hey Jon, this is something I would rather do in the Rhino/Grasshopper core instead of for each specific project like Rhino Inside Revit. I’m not opposed to including an all users directory to the search path for Grasshopper.

I understand, except rhino inside already handles specific loading of plugins depending on which version of revit it’s embedded in. I just added a per machine path to the functionality used for per user.

Yes, but we are trying to figure out if this code needs to be moved out of Rhino.Inside and into the core Rhino/Grasshopper code. We are also trying to figure out if we even should have separate directories and how this affects our package manager for different “Inside” scenarios.

Sure. And if there is a better way to control this I have no problem with changing it as soon as this is identified.

But in the meantime, it’s a harder logistic than I’d like for users to test the work Geometry Gym has enabled for this. So I’d like to understand the issues about not accepting this pull request for loading from two locations.



We’ve been chatting about this quite a bit the last two days. We just needed to get our heads around any issues that having these paths may cause. I think your PR is good now that I’ve run through scenarios. I’ll chat with Kike about this today. Thanks Jon