Geometry Gym for Rhino 6 doesn't appear in Rhino WIP

Does anyone experience a simmilar problem? All GG commands and tabs show up fine in v6, but when I fire up WIP they’re just not there.

please help.

Geometry Gym is a third party plug-in. Many third party plug-ins have not been enabled to load in the WIP. Whether they will be is up to the developer of the plug-in.

The GeometryGym plug-in for Rhino.Inside Revit (RhinoWIP) comes from the RevitIFC plug-in installer not the RhinoIFC plug-in so you should make sure that it is installed…

Apologies, the above response is not completely correct.

You only need RhinoIFCWIP installed (Rhino6 will not work). But Grasshopper won’t load the addin when running Inside Revit, without ggRevitIFC installed for that version of Revit. This is a requirement for now, it is in our roadmap to provide a single installer for all versions of Revit.

We have just added a new version of RhinoIFCWIP to the installers page of the GeometryGym website.

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Awesome, works like a charm now!