Pentium g3258 and Rhino?

CPU’s and by way of a change, not a question about the usual i7/Xeon megabeast. Is anyone using a Pentium g3258 with Rhino?

I’ll take that as a “No” then.

To help me make the decision, What Rhino processes currently benefit from multi threading with more than 2 cores in V5 and what is likely to change in V6? I’m not interested in rendering, so remove that from the debate. Just modelling.

Are any of the features that are disabled/removed from the g3258 CPU likely to have a negative impact when working in Rhino? I’ll be using a discrete GPU (probably a Quadro K620) so its graphics capabilities can be ignored.

The processor seems that it might work pretty well.
Compared to a high-end/main stream i5 it seems ok:

Depending on what kind of modeling, you’ll not benefit that much from having a quad core processor. Personally I would still prefer a quad-core, not because of Rhino, but because I like multitasking (Don’t want my browser to hang / become sluggish because Rhino has a moment to process some stuff).