How about more than 64 cores support of rhino?

Can it support on rhino 6? How can I to plan to upgrade a new many cores workstation? thx!

Since modeling is a very serial process, there isn’t a lot that multi-threading can be used for.
In V6, we have added some multi-threading tools (like Make2D and Rendering), but you can’t effectively make use of a large number of cores. Past about 6 and the time it takes to split the job, distribute it to another core, do the calculations, and knit the results back together is a net loss.
There is nothing to be gained from having even more cores.

Thank John,

I mean that rhino v5 can’t run on more than 64 cores machine, it problem can be modify on v6? Thx!

I just checked with the Chief Scientist and V6 will have the same 63-core limitation as V5.
I remember back when this was discussed for the initial V5 development phase. There was some 63-core limitation imposed based on the Microsoft development tools we are using. The specific details I can no longer recall, but it isn’t going to change for V6.

Omg, there is bad news for rhino user, how about we can buy new powerful workstation in future? 18 cores cpu is the common now, dual 18 cores machine is mid-range only… I hope they have a solution on this point on the SR of rhino 6, no need to wait to rhino 7, thank you very much!

I know very few people who utilize an 18core CPU in a personal computer (especially considering just the chip costs $5,000-$10,000 - more than most people spend on a very well built rig), though I’ve seen them frequently in servers. A top of the line i7 (quad core with 4 threads making it a virtual 8 core) is almost unnecessary for most rhino commands. RAM and graphics cards play a much larger role for the typical user.

What are you using an 18core CPU for??!

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I think the question is not what the using. the main point is Rhino , which can’t running on the over 63 cores machine.

No, the question is - why do you need to run Rhino on a computer with 63+ cores? It sounds like you are wanting to run Rhino on a server rather than a personal computer, is this the case and if so why?

  1. render software need a powerful computer to run, but the cpu frequency limited below 4ghz in the world, so, many cores is the only way for the powerful cpu. Now the maximum cpu is 22 cores. I will see the cores of cpu is only uo to more in the future.

  2. rhino will develop so slowly, rhino 5 to rhino 6 need 6 years or more, rhino 7 will not see the roadmap…

  3. now, 64 cores workstation is only above mid-range. I think 3-5 years, 30-40 cores in one cpu not a dream.

  4. desktop, workstation, server just the name of the grading of PC only.

Forever, like the 3dsmax, it is not use 64 cores, but it run on over 64 cores machine in normal!

I there I want the rhino need to modify to perfect only, I am not to ask people don’t use it.


That’s unlikely. Rhino 5 has been around about 3.5 years, hopefully release time will be around the 4 year mark. Would have been better if it was shorter, but I think a lot of effort has been going into the Mac version plus making Mac+Windows versions parallel…

The question here is how much needs to be invested to do this versus how much will it return. Yours is the first request for this feature we’ve seen in here. Most people will prefer that development time/money is put towards the most asked-for features first, and this does not appear to be one of them…


It’s a moot discussion at this point.
Dale says it will not change for V6.
Because of the serial nature of modeling, there is no compelling reason to reconsider it going forward. My best guess is that at some point, the development tools we use will evolve to the point where support for more than 63 cores is an automatic thing. Then Rhino will run on machines with more than 63 cores.

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Used E5-2670 are pretty cheap these days. Sure it is only 16 threads, but you can always get two of them on one motherboard.

Yes, I have a few these machine at home for rendering

That’s true but again not many people utilize them in a personal computer; I would venture to guess most Rhino users use primarily an i7 or Xeon with an average of 8 threads (Im sure if the Holomark 2 scores were complied it would reflect that). Sure, some may be deploying dual processors but putting two of them into one PC still does not take you over the 63 thread/core limit.

Which is why I am curious to know what applications are being ran on a computer with 64+ cores/ threads and why Rhino has to be ran on such a powerful computation computer?

Rhino would actually perform better, due to the serial nature of modeling, when ran on a Core i7-4790K with a 4GHz clock speed than a E5-2670 with a clock speed of 2.6GHz

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We live in the parallel space at single world…

The question isn’t that it runs better, you have to consider Rhino is used in a lot of industries/use cases. These use cases might require plugins that do require a lot of cores. Just because you don’t have a need doesn’t mean other users don’t.

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I think if rhino 6 isn’t solve this problem, please solved it asap, thx!

they’re called GPUs and have thousands of cores :wink:


I totally understand that and the number of CPU/GPU cores/threads does play a large role in the work I do (I have a rig with 16 cores and dual Titan X cards). I am not shooting down the fact that l1407 wants to run Rhino on a very powerful rig, I am trying to find out why it must be ran on such a rig (ie. rendering, algorithmic computation etc). There may be another solution to the problem l1407 is facing but without knowing the reasons behind the problem it is hard to address it.