I have definitely found my renderer!

Rather than only appear on these forums with complaints, sometimes it is nice to show praise. So I wanted thank the developer @Rodri for producing such an awesome renderer! :sunglasses:

And also thanks to @fran for choosing to support Penguin in Rhino 6.

I have to say that I am really impressed with the results I am getting from Penguin 2.0. I was a little worried that it was only going to replicate the default rhino renderer’s effects. But that is not the case. Am I glad I bought it? Yes. Would I buy it again? Yes.

Am I getting the results I want with it? Yes. After only a few hours of fiddling around, I can pretty much get exactly the look I want…:grinning:

Can we see some renders, please? :slight_smile:

Sure, why not. This is a prototype bicycle stem I have been working on…
Rather than show it from the rough renders first, I’ll do it backwards.
I was experimenting with what Penguin was capable of. So the last two renders are very rough indeed.

Each of these individual frames takes just a few seconds to render without shading, lines only. They were all done wiht Penguin 2.0, which I only got a few days ago. It took about 10 minutes to render each one of the full animations (on a laptop). From what I hear, that’s pretty quick for a 3D animation.

My idea was to blend these altogether, and fade one into the other. That didn’t quite turn out right as the camera position got a bit tricky… maybe next time.

Funnily enough I couldn’t upload MP4s created with Bongo to a McNeel forum. I got some MIME type error or something, so uploaded them to vimeo instead.

I wasn’t even going to do this one because I hate blue pen. But it gives it this awesome blueprint feel.

This is one I was really trying hard to get right. I wanted it to be sketchy, and like someone has gone in and drawn the overall shape in a thicker, darker marker pen.

This is another one of my favourites. It almost has this chalky/pastel look to it.

(don’t laugh, I was intentionally trying to get an ugly fat marker pen look…)

This I call “the serviette sketch with a highlighter”, otherwise known as the back of the envelope calculation. Just for fun.

Those are some nice renders. Getting temporal robustness for animations can be pretty hard. I don’t know Penguin, but I have played around with Freestyle, which is integrated in Blender. Temporal integrity was always hard.

Again, some nice renders posted. Thanks!

Thank you. Well those are my first attempts at rendering with penguin, only about 4 hours practise. It looks like I will probably have to add bongo to my shopping list too now (I am just trialling it for now).

V-ray et al. were just way too confusing for me, not what I wanted.

If by temporal robustness/integrity you mean how the sketchiness flickers from frame to frame, I actually don’t mind a bit of that effect (in some of them)– I was hoping for it! Probably because I’ve seen it before. But yes having another look it’s excessive & distracting in the last three. I’m not sure how I would reduce that, probably do two or three separate animations and blend them together with after effects? I might try investigating that tomorrow!

I might try rendering one more time, with a different displacement/waviness, then superimpose or overlay them with transparency or blending mode or something.

My main aim with choosing a renderer was to not have to spend months/years learning yet another skill like photorealistic rendering (which I see that it most definitely is). I’ve already had to learn so many pieces of new software. It’s too much! If I ever need a photorealistic render, I would probably rather pay someone else to do it. I don’t enjoy it (probably because I never knew what I was doing).

However I do find rendering with penguin is more fun.:slight_smile:

Thanks for your words, but I’m just here helping people, not the brains behind the program at all ! : )

I have looked at your renderings and they do look really cool indeed, kudos!