Fold/Unravel Sphere from one pole?

I have a design I’d like to test but have no idea where to start!
The principle of the idea is to have a sphere in net form (hebdomicontadissaedron for example)…and have this be able to unravel and then close back up?

Something like this:

to this:

and back again…

Even more amazing would be if it was something like this in its unravelled form!:

Could anyone please help with this?
Thanks so much in advance!

have a look at this topic

also this approach by @laurent_delrieu is quite nice!

Thanks Clemens…
Seem like they are somewhere on the right track but they seem to unravel and then flatten adjacent.
Actually what is in this image is quite accurate aside from the piece on the right! the way that it unravels from the top most point.

It is more the motion/opening that I’m interested in, rather than the finalised unrolled geometry.

Pretty much this motion…but without the petals overlapping:

Ok I understand you. If you want to do it accurate I´m not sure how to do it but if you have the opened and closed position you could use pufferfish to fake it. It will look very similar to your GIF.

Hope that it helps you in a way.

Have a try with the attached definition.

Sphere Leaves (14.6 KB)


Amazing - thanks so much yep exactly the kind of thing I am thinking.
If this were to be made faceted…similarly to this:
would that be a totally different kind of script?
Would be nice to be able to create the offset frame as well!

Thank you so much for this - I do hate asking people like this but this is far too beyond my skillz!

Just replace your base geometry for Flow

Sphere Leaves (19.2 KB)

This is more accurate… and using mesh is a lot faster…

Sphere Leaves (19.2 KB)


That is brilliant!
Thank you so much.
I’m trying to tweak it but not butcher it! sorry for asking more questions, but is there a way to flatten the final framing as there is an arch in it?
Also, what would be the best way to create a thickness to these surfaces, and to create a pane within the center of the panels (and finally but not a big issue…can it chamfer the edges?)

Is there a way to send you a virtual beer!?!

See my last updated posting file…

Ah thank you1…I did actually like the edges between the panels…the mesh seems to smooth those out and loose them?
I tried it with your original but the loft between the surfaces doesnt quite work!
I tried capping it to no avail!

You haven’t yet posted a single GH file in this thread?

Hi Joseph,
Very true, and fully understand your sentiment.
I normally do, however HS Kim had done such an amazing job and I realised I was just butchering his initial script so didn’t post my amended efforts as it was getting far beyond my skill level unfortunately (as attached!)

Sphere Leaves Blooming_reV3_B (23.1 KB)

Just use mesh thicken afterward…

When you put it that way, I guess I’m not interested in looking at your file. You might want to try right-clicking the Loft ‘O’ (Options) input and checking ‘Align sections’.

Check this as well

sphere (23.3 KB)


Incredible…thank you so much! Props to all involved really appreciate it.

Any chances to let GH do this with assigned texture on the sphere? thanks