Peacock Pendant

Modeled in Rhino
Rendered in Keyshot
Insta : unique3dmodel


Wow, beautiful work!—-Mark

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Really a unique artistic work!


Have you used matrix plugin?

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standing slow clap-

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Many thanks
yes I used matrix

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I have not worked with the matrix plugin yet, but heard there are some problems working with that and it stop working after a while. Is it right?

No its the best plugin I’v ever used I’m working with that for almost 12 years now and faced absolutely no problem.

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Oh, nice! You have worked with matrix for almost 12 years?!! That is an amazing thing! I had to understand from your works that you are an expert with a long time of experience in Rhino.

Have you offered your designs to a manufacturing unit yet? I do mean, have your works been realized in the shape of actual jewelry artworks?

That looks good!

FYI, right now, there a plugin to design jewelry, “Grasshopper Gold” is very helpful, and it’s free, and you can download it from Foof4Rhino, so if you combine rhinoceros tools and GG the results are gorgerous!

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