Jewelry modeling

I used to use Matrix for jewelry CAD. I’m out of that business so I can’t justify the expense to maintain that platform, but would still like to do jewelry designs on occasion. Are there libraries of gem settings available, or other jewelry plug-ins that aren’t quite as sophisticated, or expensive? What do Rhino when building jewelry cad models who don’t have an application specific plug-in like Matrix?



@scrappydog1958 I use Rhino 5 and Sub-d (T-Splines) for all my jewellery. I paid for Rhinogold 4 way back…but very rarely use any of it’s tools. Mainly only use the gem/materials library now.

For placing gems and claws etc on surfaces I use Jarek`s Orient Object on Object.

For distributing objects I use Pascal`s script.

If you want some thing more like Matrix then perhaps you could look at this new software. I believe the brother of the creator of Rhinogold is developing it. I stumbled across it on the website of the Rhino reseller that I got my copy from way back. No idea if it is any good…but cheaper than Matrix.


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Dear Sochin,

Thank you so much for the most interesting post. I’ll look into all of the tools you referenced this week. I’m using Rhino 6; should I assume they’ll all be upward compatible?



have you looked at[0]=im_field_term_reference_category%3A698

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No, but I have now!!! many thanks.


I used matrix for almost 3 years. During that time I became aware of matrix’s limitations and began developing my own tools using grasshopper which were better tailored to my work flow. I find the peacock plugin to be of great help especially the flow components which you need to use a lot for jewellery modelling.

Grasshopper scripts can replace most of the tools in matrix and then some.

Dear Michael,

Thanks so much for sharing. I don’t know about Peacock so I’ll have to look into it.



@scrappydog1958 For sub-d you will have to find another tool as t-splines is no longer sold and was only developed for Rhino 5 if you can get a secondhand copy. Do a forum search for “alternatives to t-splines” as there are many posts here on the subject.

Rhino are developing their own sub-d for hopefully Rhino 7 but until then I will stay in Rhino 5.

I think from memory @Jarek told me his Orient plugin should work in Rhino 6 but not sure. It is free so download it and try.

With regards to @pascal script for distribute I do not know if it will work in Rhino 6…some of the functionality it brought to Rhino 5 might have been included in Rhino 6. Once again free so you can always download it and try.


Hello - Distribute is indeed a native command in V6.


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