Gemstones library for Rhino

Hi, does any one know a good gemstone library to upload into rhino?
Many thanks.
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Hi Joana - have you tried the Peacock for Grasshopper plug-in?


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Hi, no. I will try, thanks!

Email me: and I’ll send you my stone library.

I got one on food for Rhino some time ago. If it is not there let me know and I can email it to you. Danny

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I was looking for a stone Library for rhino 6 and read here that Joanapcunha was also looking for it)) and I see that You offer her a stone Library .
Please if you are kind can you tell me where I can find a stone Library just to use for Rhino not Grasshopper .
Thank you so much!

I’m happy to send them to you If you give me your email.

That said

I don’t use them since I discovered grasshopper gold. It has all my stones plus many others. It’s very easy to use and it’s free. It’s like a stripped down version of matrix. Amazing.

Check it out:

Krist Hochburger

JWO Jewelers
900 mansell Rd. #24
Roswell, GA 30076
770-552-9235. 678-523-3695

Hi! Please see attached! (1.8 MB)

Hello and sorry for late response,

Thank you so much!
I appreciate your help))

Kindly Happy Memorial Weekend!