PDF layers when importing

PDF layer support when exporting have been introduced in R7 WIP, which is great! What about layer support when importing a PDF into Rhino? Just had the case where I would have needed this.
Now there’s just one layer created, which doesn’t even have a name. (the PDF has layers for sure, tested in Affinity Designer).
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Hi Eugen -

I just tested this with a round-tripping PDF and all layers came in as they should.
Can you provide a PDF file that does not do this?

Try this one please:
test layers.pdf (272.9 KB)
Thank you!

Hello Wim!
Did you find the time to test this?
Here’s another PDF that does not import with layers:
openstreetmap.pdf (900.2 KB)

When opening it Affinity Designer, all layers work.
Rhino 7.3.21026.13001
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