How to Print PDF with Layers?

Hi all,

Printing with layers was on the list 2,5 years ago, has it been implemented?

*We are trying to implement Rhinoceros as drafting tool and we will be posting the issues that we run into — which are possible to do in AutoCAD.


To the best of knowledge, it has not. But you can set your layers to different colors as an identifier if your ultimate goal is to get it in to Illustrator.

PDF export has no layer export capabilities, Illustrator export has…but the file you get is “curiously” not pdf compatible…maybe because it’s an old AI format.

If you got illustrator, no need to set layers colors, just open the file with illustrator and save it again as an updated format and tik the pdf compatibility checkbox, (even Acrobat will open an updated Illustrator file), or save it as pdf (from illustrator) with the default options.
Now, this is not working from the paper space.

Rhino --> model space view --> save as AI --> Open with Illustrator --> from Illustrator save to [converted] AI --> Open with acrobat: all layers are there.

Hi -

No, we still have that open on our pile as item RH-37721. I’ve added your request.

Layer support is now in Rhino 7’s PDF export.


is it? where/how?

Print using the “Rhino PDF” printer or SaveAs a PDF

Thanks, now I realise the problem is that Illustrator does not recognize these layers (when I open the generated PDF in Rhino, it does)

Yes, I was surprised to discover that Illustrator does not recognize these in PDF files. PDF actually calls this feature optional content groups and is really only for allowing the visibility to be toggled. Some applications interpret this information as layers on import.