Layer import from Affinity Designer


I am trying to import Vector files from a small adobe (Affinity Designer) competitor.
Rhino 6 can See the PDF version, but not Layers.
Rhino 6 says the EPS is outdated.
Rhino 6 does open the SVG, but puts the layers on one layer (luckily grouped with the layer names from affinity designer).

I!BBCapture|689x427,50% rhinocapture test.pdf (15.3 KB) test testCapture

Is there a reason Bluebeam PDF viewer can see the layers in the PDF, but Rhino can not?

Would anyone be willing to see if they can open test.pdf in Rhino 4 or 5 (if the file is outdated?)Rhino 5 isn’t able to see the colors of the PDF, So Rhino 4 likely won’t read it better either

I am hoping to use this workflow (affinity->Rhino) frequently in the future, and appreciate if anyone can direct me on what to try next, or to verify the issue.

has anyone had luck with affinity designer, or Opening outdated SVG standards on previous versions of Rhino?

(The .afdesign, .svg, and .eps file types appear to not be supported in the upload dialogue on this forum.)


V6 can open the PDF and preserve the colored fills and text. Colors are assigned as the object display color. There are no “layers” in PDF file like Rhino defines them.
V5 and V4 only import the vector boundary curves defining the shapes.