PDF import - bugs and feature request

I need to import the page 103 from a PDF file with 194 pages and I just realized that I can’t import any page exceeding the page 99 from the PDF file.

Another but is that I can’t just type directly the number of the page I need to import but I need to press the drop-down menu and select the page number from the drop-down menu.

I also have some features requests for import PDF files:

  • Import dimension lines instead of lines and text.
  • Import bitmaps from PDF.

Speaking of PDF’s: Recently we came up against the limitation where we were importing Illustrator files via PDF. We could only import one Artboard per file. It would be nice if all the artboards were arrayed in Top view.
I’m not sure if this is the case with importing Illustrator files directly, I don’t have Illustrator on this computer.

If it is the case I would request the option to have all artboards/pages imported.

Hello - thanks, I see that.

Bug: Rhino crashes when importing PDF. Anyone else?