Import pdf crashes rhino 7

Hi, is anyone else having issues importing PDFs?
It seems to be a 50/50 60/40 is ratio on pdf’s that can and cant import without freezing Rhino 7.

Only importing individual pages, setting the scale to the correct scale and all that but it “successfully read C:\xxxxxxx” then freezes.

Can you post a sample PDF that causes this?
Precisely, how are you importing it? What command, how did your start it? What’s the detailed process you followed?

sorry for the late reply! I can’t share the pdf unfortunately.
but it was a sheet from an architectural drawing set:
MO as follows:
Document properties: Unit settings from meters to feet, absolute tol to 0.0001
Rh cmd: Import, selects PDF, inputs page in question.
Load text = False
Import fills = ‘Boundary curves’
0.907 in in PDF = 15.5 Rh Units

cmd line returns Successfully read file tho:
The sheet imports perfectly; as I can see from the viewport. But at this point Rhino becomes unresponsive.
Windows 10, I7 9700KF, RTX2070s, 48GB RAM

Hi Trevor -

You write that about half of all PDFs cause this to happen. Is there any of those that you can upload here - Rhino - Upload to Support? If you can, please include the URL to this thread in the comments field.

So Rhino doesn’t crash and pop up the crash reporter?
When Rhino hangs, you can manually create a memory dump and upload that file from the same page. The instructions for creating a memory dump can be found here: Manually Creating a Memory Dump (DMP File) from an Unresponsive Rhino for Windows [McNeel Wiki].

Thank you!
I’ll see if I can get the go ahead to share the most recent PDF’s that are an issue. But I have just uploaded the *.DMP

Hi, I’ve experienced similar issues with the file importing and displaying in the viewport but then Rhino hangs and I’m forced to end task. Similarly to Trevor sometimes import PDFs work fine but I haven’t been able to pinpoint what the root cause is.

Apologies for the late reply; I will definitely see about getting together an assortment of the PDFs that cause the crash

I had the same problem. I figure that the some “FORMS” (eg.: STAMPS) and/or other interactive Adobe entities have been added to the PDF, Rhino cannot read/process these entities and crashes. Flattening the PDF sometimes solves the issue… but not always

Hi João -

I’m afraid that, as long as nobody provides a file, there’s nothing we can fix…

I will try to provide a File in the next couple of days.

Has there been a solution to Rhino crashing when importing PDFs? I used to do it all the time… Now it crashes every time!

They’d need to see some samples, I do it “all the time” and it doesn’t crash.

I-12.pdf (1.2 MB)

I used to import pdf of drawings daily to design around them. crashes every time now.

There are no Rhino crash reports associated with your email address.
Are you not sending them in?

I have been getting “non-responsive” for looong periods and force quit the program. i get a message about errors being sent…

Okay, that’s technically not a crash and would explain why there are no reports.

It’s certainly taking a while to open, I’ll let it churn away…

OK. If i cannot import the PDF file into Rhino I will need another solution. Is there something off about that file you can identify?

You used the phrase ‘force quit’.
Are you running Mac Rhino 7?

Are you Importing the pdf or Opening it?


I am using Rhino 7 on PC. It updates itself regularly. I have tried importing and opening. Both fail. Blue wheel of nothing, Rhino unresponsive. The file isn’t that large.