Importing a multi-page PDF


Why is it that when importing a multi-page PDF, I get no warnings, and only the first page is imported?

Would it be possible to modify the PDF-IMPORT prompt to include a page picker, and perhaps a preview of the page being picked? (even just a drowdown with page numbers would be welcome!)

(Brian James) #2

Thanks for the suggestion nates. Do you have a sample multi page pdf that is typical for you that we could use for this feature request?


Sure thing. Here you go: 11106-Franklin-Mech.pdf(751.5 KB)

Thanks for taking the suggestion!

(Brian James) #4

Thanks that helps a lot. I added this as RH-20715, this report is not publicly visible at this time.


@BrianJ any new word on this? I’m importing pdfs constantly, sadly many are multi page and the workarounds to deal with this really add up the hours.

sorry if there’s been a more recent response to this, just found this upon search.

(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi carvecream- it looks like there is nothing to report at the moment… sorry. What are your workarounds, just out of curiosity? things like ? I remember having an application that can do this, in the dim past, but the web based thing is easier by far.



wow thanks Pascal. This will work great when I have web connection. In past I had been pdf printing single pages of a pdf to get the pages I wanted.

(Brian Gillespie) #8

RH-20715 is fixed in the latest WIP


Brian, just to be clear, this is for v6 WIP, correct?

(Pascal Golay) #10




Seems that its only read the first 99 pages. The rest is left over. sadly. PDF splitting still necesary…