Linked blocks and texture issues with Rhino files on a cloud drive

I’ve searched and found similar topics in the forum but I didn’t find an answer and just wanted to double check if I’m doing anything wrong. My team has their Rhino files on a dropbox drive so that we can access the files from anywhere.

When I open a file a colleague has edited (or vice versa) there are 3 main issues:

  1. I get a missing links error with linked blocks
  2. Textures are not loaded
  3. I get block name conflicts

These are all due to the fact that apparently Rhino doesn’t save relative file paths and therefore makes use of cloud hosted files very difficult.

All of these are especially annoying because even if I point Rhino to one file in the correct directory on my computer, it doesn’t automatically search for the others there, so I might have to manually re-link twenty or more files every time I open the file after my colleague.

Another issue is that even though I click “do this for all block name conflicts” when that comes up, I get asked again and again.

Is this really the way Rhino works in the age of widespread use of remote work and cloud storage? Or am I missing something? If not are there scripts to make our lives easier?