Block instances not linking across windows and mac on the google drive

We are working as a team on a project. Our files are all kept in the google drive which we all access from our desktops using Google File Stream. Some of us use Rhino for Windows others use Rhino for mac. When using linked blocks they don’t always work. It appears to be a few (as its not all) that are made on a windows machine. These have a starting path named G:/ and can not be found when accessed on a mac. Even though the block is where it should be, the only difference i can see is that on a mac the google drive is called google drive and on windows it G:. Why does it it correct the path for some and not for others. And is this a known bug working accross platforms via the google drive?

I’m not surprised. Since the file system for Mac and Windows are so different, I’m surprised it’s working at all.
The other complication is Google File Stream. I think you have monitored local folders, and the service periodically collects them and shifts them around. It’s not “real time” like a shared network drive on a LAN would be.
I don’t have a good alternative for you.