Paste from Illustrator is no longer working

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Since an update (sadly don’t know when) the functionality of copy/pasting from Illustrator and into rhino stopped working, the other way around still works though.

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Just a little bump here. Any information about this?

I just fixed this today. The latest version of Illustrator slightly changed the format of data that it saves in the clipboard and this was causing Rhino to fail during a paste operation. Thus fix will be in 7.13 which we should have an initial release candidate for next week.


RH-65824 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 13

Can objects be copy/pasted from illustrator to Rhino? If so, is there a list somewhere of apps where copy/paste can be used to insert data into Rhino? I know it doesn’t work from my other main packages ACLT, Sketchup and CorelDRAW.

Supported file formats: Rhino - Supported File Formats The associated software list does not appear to comprehensive. Some formats are used by software which is not listed.

Copy/paste works with applications that place SVG content into the clipboard. I know Affinity Designer, Illustrator and Inkscape do this

Thanks for the info. However, that’s a list of possible import/export formats. Perhaps I misunderstood the OP? I read it to mean he could copy objects in Adobe Illustrator, and paste into Rhino. I wondered if that was possible with other software since I can’t do it with any that I use. Most importantly AutoCAD.

We do not currently support copy and paste between Rhino and Autocad

Yep. What I wondered about was a list of software where copy/paste is supported.

Currently just 3dm and svg formats. I’m hoping to expand on this in Rhino 8, but it will take quite a bit of work

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Great news!! Thanks

This would really really help!
(AutoCAD stubbornly refuses to vanish from the face of the earth…)