Pasted Item from One Rhino File to Another Not Selectable


I downloaded a Rhino file of an object and wanted to copy and paste it to my working Rhino file. In the downloaded file of the object, it is moveable, but when I copy and paste it to my working Rhino file, it pastes onto the same position as the original file. It is not selectable at all so I can’t move it or edit the object.

Please help!

Is the object’s layer in the file you pasted it into locked?

Nope! None of the layers were locked

Sounds odd. What happens if you use Import and import the downloaded file into your working file instead of copy/paste?

Same problem… Here is the file in question if you want to try it out. I’ve downloaded other Rhino files from this company and it works no problem with copy/paste but some of their other Rhino files (like this one) has this problem.

Mogu Fields.3dm (1.2 MB)

Hi - What happens when you paste that object in a new Rhino file from a factory-default template?

I just tried that and it works on the default template! How can I apply this to my model file then?

Hi -

That would be an indication that the layer is locked in the target file.
If not, please post the target file.

Wow, you were right. I thought I was pasting it to an unlocked layer but it wasn’t. Thanks a lot!