Pascals Orient Perp From and copy...lost code wanted again

Pascal, back in V4 days, you created a code that I was able to make a toolbar button for, I used it every time I needed to copy along a planar rail, profiles that were perp to that rail such as attached.

see attached example, copying blue curve perp to rail. to get red copies shown.

I cannot find it. It got lost when reinstalling V4 to my previous PC.

I cant remember if it gave steps to follow such as select profile at rail, then select other end of profile that is the perp from rail I require. then copy yes ( whole reason for it) and away I went clicking and placing profiles.

I really could do with that again.
I then need to brush up on how to create an icon for it etc to add to toolbar.
Orient-PerpFrom.3dm (60.5 KB)


Hmm- sounds like Orient, with Project on the Onsaps, Copy=Yes, snap the two ends of the blue curve, and then the location for the base of the copy along the path curve - then use the PerpFrom one-shot OSnap for the second point - the curve to be perp from is the path curve, the location is the base point of the new copy.


Hi Pascal, that sure looks like it, now as you did code that did that which I made a button for, so all I did was click button and then either follow steps or something, can you do that in code to enable this to be done again. ?

As you managed it that one time, I hope so.

I remember my button icon I created, an S line with lines perp from it.

Have had a deep search and found this :-

and zip files attached. (479.0 KB) (967 Bytes)

Does this help and what needs doing with this ?


Hi Pascal,
I had found these files but not heard back from you.
I need again to copy and orient perp to a path a profile.

see attached

Is it possible having found these , see thread, you can resupply what I had on V4, I had even made a button for it, else a command called CopyOrientPerpToPath might suffice.

Let me know just how to install the code and give it a command name.
Can I make a button that runs the command name ?

shame images have vanished.
orient profile perp to rail.3dm (30.0 KB)


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