Orient perp to curve fails in screw thread make following exactly video where it works

I have followed a screw thread make video exactly, first time my triangle profile oriented perp to thread as per video,
but then despite the enlarge internal cylinder , boolean failed. see other post.

today I do the same profile to same thread and it wont stick outward as threads should, but despite hitting x then also trying y, even R, it refuses to cooperate.

see video.


Hi Steve - the active CPlane when you pick the base point is key - Rhino needs the plane to cook up the perp frame - there could be any number of possibilities as to what Perp means. As far as I can see there is no specific provision for planar objects. If the reference plane is parallel to the curve plane, then Perpendicular will do what you expect; (i.e. pick the reference point in your Right view)


Hi Pascal, ok,
that seems to have worked, mentally logged, but behold its not vertical, and the angle doesnt quite match the angle of the helix either.
(excuse lousy attempt on second angle measuring, dims too big)

It should be vertical, well thats how I intended the profileā€¦, measuring the thread it had pitch 1.5 and distance out from central core 1mm, I am new to threads but are such profiles not vertical normally ? I measured the photo in the vertical direction, not aligned to thread angle, but measured at side of thread with white background beyond in my photo.