Partially hidden Rhino bottom buttons with Taskbar Autohide (Windows 11)

Not sure if this is a Rhino issue or not, but when Taskbar is set to Autohide on my new Windows 11 laptop, the buttons along the bottom of the interface (when it’s on the 2560 x 1440 peripheral monitor) are partially obscured and very difficult to select. This doesn’t happen on the laptop’s monitor. (If I change which monitor is the main monitor, the issue remains on the peripheral monitor.) This isn’t an issue on peripheral monitors on my older windows 10 laptop. They’re both Lenovo. There may be a setting in windows to move the display xy position within windows, but I can’t find it.

Hello- is Rhino maximized on that monitor?



Any thoughts? It’s very difficult to use this way. Is it happening on Windows11 machines at your end or do I need to adjust monitor/interface calibration in my WIndows installation? thanks.

Just my experience that Windows 11 is absolutely awful in handling dual monitor setups, a complete setback in comparison to Windows 10. I don’t have the same problem you’re describing, but here Win 11 can’t remember which window was open on which monitor - when the computer wakes up from standby, it’s a tossup which open windows show up on which monitor.

Is your peripheral monitor the same resolution as your main monitor? This could be a mismatched display scaling problem perhaps…

My 17" Laptop monitor is 4k but my 27" working peripheral monitor is 2560 x 1440.
I can’t find any Windows or NVidia settings to shift the alignment of the peripheral monitor.

if you unplug the second monitor does it clear up?

The problem is only on the second monitor, so if I unplug that monitor everything goes away…

Can you check if your display scale. Is set to something more than 100%? Specifically for that monitor?

Do you need a taskbar on both monitors? If you turn it off on the external monitor (via personalization settings) does Rhino display correctly?

Is there any other program besides Rhino that exhibits this problem? Does the problem occur in the WIP as well as V7?

My feeling is this is a Windows 11 problem, but it may be related to how each individual software display system is programmed. For example, from time to time in V7, I get the command line (docked here at the bottom) autocomplete list running off the bottom of the screen. The same thing does not happen in the WIP…

This might be a combination glitch, unequal monitor resolutions, display scaling, auto-hide taskbar, Rhino…

Thanks Tay. I’m extending the display across the 2560 x 1440 monitor in question (scale set at 100%) and a laptop’s 17" 8k monitor (scaled to 250% - which Windows 11 tells me is recommended. Everything’s otherwise tiny on that small-but-hi-res monitor.) Text scaling for both displays is set at 131%.

Thanks Jeremy. Really only on the 2560 x 1440 monitor on which I’m having the issues. But it’s handy on both.


Thanks H’saur. No.

V7. I don’t have the WIP installed at this point. In my biz productivity is so demanding I have to use the most tried-and-true version.

Yeah. Above I’ve identified my monitor settings. 100% scale for the monitor I mainly use and 250% for the laptop’s monitor causes crazy scaling issues for any window straddling the screen (though I never leave one there), but it’s the only way to make the average UI legible on the laptop’s 8k monitor, and of course it would make everything huge on the 2560x1440 monitor, so the mismatching scales seem necessary.

For the time being, I’m just turning off Taskbar Auto-hide, but I’ve always liked have the extra working space.

can you disable the laptop monitor and give it a try, not sure how qualified that hardware engineer who decided to put some 8k resolution in a laptop sounds like a huge waste of pixels and gpu power.

Thanks Tay. Good thought. Turns out that does fix the Issue (it’s not a resolution for me as I work with both monitors, but I’m sure it helps identify where the problem is.
(It’s a colour calibrated monitor on the laptop. It surrrrre is sharp! I don’t need the 8k resolution though. Didn’t even realize it came with it.)

you can also change the windows resolution from 8k to 4k and let me know if you can tell any difference

Thanks Tay. I tried it all the way down to full HD, but the problem remains.