Partial Locking - constrain objects from moving off their CPlane

Could we add to Rhino objects option to constrain certain operations on them. In architecture you want to make sure some object stay on the correct level (CPlane) and constraining their ability to be moved off their CPlane would be very useful in our workflow.

Maybe it could be a “partial lock” where only certain operations are possible - for example editing vertices (SolidPts), but not moving off the CPlane.

Hi Daniel - I am not sure how that would be implemented … need to think a bit more, but in the meantime, as you may already know, you can use the Project on Osnaps to remove the CPlane ‘Z’ component from osnaps, which may - should - help keep things in plane.


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Thank you, yes I agree that would work for anyone who remembers to use it. When working in a team however you want to be sure that noone at any point “forgot” about it.

I think that it would be a really useful feature and I hope that it’s not too tricky to implement.

Hi, sorry for pestering you about it again, but in the context of the new Constraints feature in Rhino 8 could you suggest by any chance any possibly new way that objects could be constrained in Rhino, such as snapped to their CPlane or locked on one of their axes?

I’ve started another thread about it here, before I realised that there was a similar request here already.