CPlane Surface is not working on locked object

i want to quickly set my cplane to any surfae, it works fine on normal objects but after we lock them, it is not working, for that we have to find and unlock the layer of selected objects and then after cplane command we have to lock it again which is time consuming unnecessarily so i think it is a better option to snap frozen surface for cplane placement.

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You can use CPlane 3 point and snap the three points to locked object points to make your plane - providing you have snapping to locked objects active.

but 3 point option is not as quick, i assigned “cs” alias to cplane surface which allows me to quickly change my cplane but 3 point method is little slow.

Hello- the question then becomes, of course, at what point is a locked object no longer locked in a useful way?


Although a bit cumbersome, sometimes I create a dummy object with the correct cplane that I keep alongside the modeling area in order to use cplane quickly. Keep it unlocked and move it around the model as necessary.