Parametize rhino model

More than often somebody drew something in Rhino and want to parasitise it afterwards (That’s when they call me). This can be quite a quite tedious task in grasshopper… I have not really found a good way of doing this, it’s always a hassel.

In Rhino I would use SolidPt and then move the points… I have attached a simple example of the problem, and it would be nice to hear how you guys would and do parasitise Rhino models… (8.7 KB)

Hi @morten1,

if you want us to be able to look at your file you need to either internalize your data or send along the .3dm file where you referenced your geometry from.

Because there isn’t. The best thing is to redo it from scratch in GH. If you can’t, the solutions depend on your model and how you want to parameterize it. The most generic are the “Morph” transforms or change the control points, but for medium complex polysurfaces, it doesn’t work well, or it’s too slow or doesn’t change as you expect the geometry. If you know how to code, you can try inheriting the SpaceMorph class and create something customized for your specific case, but none will have the performance and build quality as you would do from scratch.

thanks, I found this plugin jackalope that implements the SpaceMorph class. But I did not try it yet, and it does not seem to be the solution I was hoping for…

I will do it the hard way :slight_smile:

This tools are included in GH for RH6, in Transform tab > Morph panel.

Hi, i have a ‘irregular’ real world object (a knife blade) - i want to wrap with a GH model for the case, the handle etc, so i can cnc the handle.

What i did was to scan the shape, and go from there in GH - map handle curve, extrude (well. it went further thanks to this forum’s great help.

You can divide your model in primary parts (2nd, 3rd etc) and add on or go from a full curve (from Rhino) and transform it from there. You need to learn GH by example. That’s the easy part…