Parametric Voids in Column - Grasshopper, Dendro?

Hi all, so I am trying to model a sort of column object with organic voids in the structure (photo attached of the general vibe I am going for). I am using Grasshopper for the first time and have been watching videos all day but I have not found a way to make what I am looking for. Does anyone have an idea of how I can make this happen? I installed Dendro and Weaverbird components, but maybe I am not using them correctly. Photo of what I am working with currently and the scripts I have tried. Thank you in advance!

mesh more (22.6 KB)
voxel (19.9 KB)
plantersubd.3dm (1.2 MB)

That’s awesome! How did you make it though? Any tips for me? (638.6 KB)

plugin 1.8.1 download from here