Set Workset Error received in Revit

Hi All, I was just trying to use the Set Workset Python to assign workset to elements in my model. I received some errors and hope someone will be able to advise me on such.

  1. Error 1 : Parameter is read only.

in the model, there is ST framing member and ST framing system. Assigning workset is not the problem, however the members of ST framing system are appeared as individual member in the list. How shall I tackle this error?

  1. As caused by Error 1, is there any way to extract whether an element is read-only? Am thinking to create a python loop finding if elements are read only, if so, skip those elements? Any python users are able to lead me on how to do a loop for Set Workset Element?

Does the attached cluster work? (12.5 KB)

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Here is an updated version of the Set Workset component that skips when workset param is readonly and also outputs success/failure values so you can filter elements

Set Workset.ghuser (4.3 KB)

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