Parameterized prong setting (Grasshopper)

On YouTube I found a tutorial how to model a setting for round diamond cut stones in Rhino: 4 Claw Setting - Beginners Rhino Jewellery Tutorial

I would like to use that setting as part of an algorithmic design of a ring that I’m working on. So I parameterized it using Grasshopper: (45.7 KB)

Can someone suggest good values for 2mm peridots?

I am a n00b when it comes to jewelry, only having done an four evening introductory course at Hatton Institute in Hong Kong. In particular, I have no experience with stone setting. Currently, I am in Bali. If I manage to finish my design, the plan is to have it 3D printed and cast in sterling silver, then get the stone setting done for me. I already found shops that can do all of that. Of course, eventually I would love to practise stone setting myself.