Set stones in an irregular surface with rhino 6 or a plug in

First of all Happy New Year to everyone. I have made a surface, irregular and I’m trying to set size stones, which is not quite easy. Is there a plug-in or a rhino command that can help in making a well dimensioned and organized pavè, or prongs?

Thanks for your help.

Ps. I’m using rhino 6

hey mirco,

you should have a look at grasshopper plug-ins:
peacock (very well organised, very complete, but for grasshopper, in case you haven’t worked with yet.)
rhinegem (just creation of unique gems with precise settings)

grasshopper gold (something like matrix (gold?) but for free and don’t forget to use your brain, it’s pretty sloppy and contains some minor errors like wrong weight calculation for gems, but who uses this anyway?)

search this forum for:

circle packing (and pretty much exclusively look at daniel pikers posts)

hope this points you in the right direction. if you need additional help, I can provide some pretty handy grasshopper files, pm me if you are interested and the provided plug-ins don’t satisfy your needs.



Thank you Ben I’ll follow your advice and look at your mentioned plug in, Mirco

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