Parallel Projection for default perspektive view

hello together
is it possible to set the default view “perspektive” to parallel projection ?
i know i can save a custom view “perspektive-parallel”.
i know i can save a template file with this additional custom view.
(templates are in
C:\Users_—current–User—_\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Localization\en-US\Template Files

but i would love to have a template, where the default perspektive view is in parallel projected.

…ok the suggested similar topics claim:

… or did this change ?


Yes, you can go to viewport properties and set the projection to parallel

But why bother? You can rotate the view to a 3d angle in any of the existing parallel viewports.

Create any template you want. Get the viewports the way you want them and then in file menu > “save as template”. You can use that as your default template or use the New command to change to that template.

dear Jim - thanks for your fast reply.
as fare is i understood, there is a difference between a custom view and a default view - like perspektive.
change the projection method to parallel in the default view and assign this view to another viewport - the parallel-option is gone.
of course the behavior is different for a custom view "perspektive_with_parallel_projection"
thanks anyhow.
best Tom

As far as I know there is nothing the user can do to take away the parallel option in the ViewportProperties command. You can also set the title of all your viewports to “perspektive” if that’s what you want and make them all parallel projections. Just don’t run the 4View command because that command sets the viewports to their default title, projection and view angle.