Force Viewport in Orthogonal?

I’d like to have 4 viewports set up this way, but I couldn’t get it from the default quad viewports. Closed one, and made a new viewport next ‘front’ view.

However, this new ‘right’ view highlighted in red doesn’t stay orthogonal like default ‘top’ and ‘front’ views. If I don’t press shift down when panning, it will orbit whereas the default ‘top’ and ‘front’ will stay orthogonal no matter what. Is there a way to recreate the default ‘right’ view at the same spot as shown in the attached image?

Hello - if the viewport is a parallel projection, you can force it by setting ‘Always pan parallel views’ in Options > View page. If the view should be looking at the CPlane that is current there, the Plan command will force that.


Thank you as always.