Parallel lines shadow print problem

Hi folks,
I’m rendering a project whit the custom display “blueprint”, downloaded from the official Rhino site.
Everthing works fine in the viewport and layout display, but when i print to a pdf there are some points were parallel shadow lines don’t match correctly.
Anyone else happend too? Any solution?PARALLEL LINES PROBLEM

any reason why you do not post the file directly here ? clicking on it twice will show real size - and your problem

did you try _viewcapturetoFile ?

Sorry Tom, i didn’t find how to post the image directly in the topic creation window.
thank you for posting it.

Yes, and doing it solve the problem, but i need to print or export as pdf with the rest of layout and print.

just drag and drop into the edit field for a post.

ok, but with some “postediting” you get what you need ?

print everthing as pdf.
ViewcaptureToFile and use Illustrator or Affinity Designer to exchange the pixel-part. at least a workarround.

creating pdf s is not the strongest feature in Rhino i experienced. Do you use a pdf writer ? did you try to use another pdf writer ?
did you try to Export → Format = pdf ?

i would recommend not to spend to much effort in finding the water tight approach, if you dont need to print out like this every day.

yes, with workaround of course i can get to something good, but it will be nice to export the hole thing from rhino without that problem, it’s a pity.
I tried Export → Pdf like you suggested and it’s the same problem, so I think there’s something wrong with pdf writer/conversion, i don’t know how to use another pdf writer.
The only solution so far is capture to file.
Hope next versions will fix or improve this problem.
Thank you again

Hello - I guess this is a tiling problem - can you post an example file and your display mode exported as an ini file?


BOX.3dm (6.2 MB)
Blueprint.ini (12.9 KB)

Another odd thing i discover: if i use the print command directly from the viewport (perspective) i’ve got another type of result:
PRINT.pdf (15.0 MB)

If I print from a layout is different:
LAYOUT.pdf (7.3 MB)

If I export to file, another result too:

Thanks, I can reproduce the problem in a simple file, I’ll get it on the pile.

RH-66205 Print: Pdf parallel lines shadows with jags


Thank you very much Pascal