Parallel line shadow and silhouette turned off after print preview turned on (Rhino 6 only?)

So recently I’v fell in love with using the parallel line option for shadow shading, it really gives a retro look to my architecture diagrams, and I have adopted the work flow to directly doing architecture diagrams inside Rhino viewport by manipulating display mode, this of course includes heavily using linetype and lineweight setting, and the lineweight setting seems to only turn on with print preview if I’m not mistaken. So here is the issue, recently I realized that parallel line shadow disappear as soon as I turn on print preview, is this a tech limitation? I’m also puzzled why I didn’t find out earlier, since I recently migrated from Rhino 5, is this only a “feature”/bug for Rhino 6?

I can see that “silhouette” also disappears as soon as I turn of print preview.

I never test it but I guess this is because the printing preview is only for vector output and the visualizacion mode is for raster output, if you choose raster output in the printing dialog should solve it.
the parallel shadow is also in v5 btw

That’s what I thought too, but I remember being able to have print preview and parallel line shadow at the same time in R5 but I no longer have R5 right now to test it.

My workflow I have a script to batch viewcapturetofile in order to bypass the printing which can be problematic at times so I can work around it there.