Parakeet plug-in pattern into folding surface

Hello Forum.
I’ve been trying to link two ideas - a folding shape (which I was kindly supported previously with by @seghierkhaled) with the Parakeet plug-in.
Step1: The aim is to etch the Parakeet pattern onto the folding triangular surfaces so that when the shape folds (re: using the slider) the pattern stays relative.
Can someone offer an insight into how this might be achieved, please? Is it projected? How can maintain the Parakeet pattern as the form folds?
Step2: The second aspect is to pre-select random shapes - within the Parakeet pattern using a slider - to be cut-out (I’ve shown this in red as an example).
Any help would be much appreciated.
Kind regards,
Jason (37.9 KB)

You can use a pattern as texture with alpha channel to show the holes.

Hello there Seghier.
Can you offer some more guidance please?

It’s just an idea i don’t know how to use textures in grasshopper like in rhino
and if you already create the folding and cut the pattern with the machine in real life why you need it in grasshopper?

The physical ‘sketch’ mock-up isn’t based on a particular geometric pattern - there was no machine involved (just my eye and a scalpel…it was a random cut-out design I made-up. I’m keen to re-create authentic Islamic patterns for the cut-outs.

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I’ve been tinkering with this for a while…but made little progress.
I’ll try posting a simpler version of this question…with the folding aspects…

I will try an idea later but i don’t know if it work or not

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This is a simple idea (11.0 KB)

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Hello there @seghierkhaled.
This is a very simple idea. I love the approach.
Thank you for taking the time to work through this.
I’ll try and assimilate this into my original concept.
Thanks again Seghier.
Kind regards,

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