Panning with Magic Mouse


I completely understand I shouldn’t be using this MagicMouse at all for 3D softwares, but I’d love to know if there are any ways to use this mouse on Grasshopper for Mac, I was trying to pan by pressing all keys while dragging ⌘, ⌥, ⇧ but none of them doesn’t change the control to panning mode, but rather stays the object selection mode, while ⌥ does triggers Split Control.

Let me know if there are any settings anything, or this is still one of the features to be added later?


(i don’t have a magic mouse to test with)

i think you should be able to press the equivalent of Right-Mouse-button on the magic mouse to pan in grasshopper… without using any modifier keys.

or- the same way you orbit in Rhino should give you panning in Grasshopper… that doesn’t work either?

I use a MagicMouse and panning in Grasshopper works as expected just using the “right” mouse “button.” Strange that right/option-mouse button is not working…do you have some custom (non default) configuration set up in System Preferences > Mouse > Point & Click > Secondary click?

Thanks both for quick replies.

@jeff_hammond Yes, it seems the modifier keys with drag is not the same between Rhino / Grasshopper.

@dan Ah, I haven’t configured my mouse to enable the Secondary Click (I use ⌃ + click for my usual workflow), but I tried and it seems it works with this setting, indeed.

Would be great if there are ways to use pan with modifier keys….