Middle Mouse Button Mac Panning Magic Mouse


I’m using the latest Rhino for Mac on a 27inch iMac 5K and a magic mouse. I’ve been searching and playing with the preferences but can’t seem to make the magic mouse work the way I’d like. In my day to day work I use ArchiCAD and with Magicprefs installed I can get the mouse to function as a 3 button mouse.

I’d like to two finger click (left and right at the same time) and have Rhino see that as a middle click/ panning, then when I add the shift key, the cursor and action then toggles to orbiting. Is this possible to set?

It seems Rhino is seeing the middle mouse button because the pop-up palette works when I two finger click, but when I change the option to ‘Manipulate view’ > pan it does not work.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

maybe magicprefs is just making it a click instead of click&hold?

(just guessing… i haven’t tried magicPrefs for a few years)

Thanks Jeff, no it shouldn’t be as it works exactly as I’d expect in ArchiCAD and SketchUp

hmm… i don’t know then.

using a logitech mouse which has a middle button, the preference you mention does work. (manipulate view -> pan)
… i can pan in perspective viewport using the MMB.

are you trying in a Perspective viewport? if you’re in top,front,right,etc… the right mouse button pans those by default.

Yes, it does nothing in all viewports. I see the right mouse button works but I find that so uncomfortable and illogical having burned the habit into my fingers and brain from other apps. It would probably work if I used another mouse but I really don’t want to do that.

I ran into the same problem and used both BetterTouchTool and MagicPrefs with no luck. Middle mouse panning with the middle mouse click on the magic mouse simply does not work at this point. Hopefully, there will be a solution soon.