Panning with mid button

I use the mouse mid button to pan in Rhino. Is it possible to make the same mouse behavior in Grasshopper?

It is possible with some SDK access, but there is no easy way to do it.

ah, that’s a bummer. Now that I try to learn more about Grasshopper, it annoys a great deal I can’t use the mid button for panning.

yeah same thing for me with the 3Dconnexxion space mouse, works great in Rhino but no support in GH.
you can set up this post as a wish for Grasshopper2 to implement.

yes, that was another frustration that I can’t use my 3d mouse with grasshopper even when its window is activated.

I like being able to use the mouse on the GH canvas and orbit / pan in the viewport so if at all panning the GH canvas with the SpaceMouse or SpaceNavigator should be optional…

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