Pangolin - create complex steel structural model definitions

With Pangolin you can create complex steel structural model definitions that include details such as:

  • Beam haunches
  • Highly configurable cold-formed sections with stiffeners
  • Surface loads with load transfer surfaces distributing them onto beams
  • Load combinations made up of loads in load cases
  • And so on

The created model then can be saved out as a file for later usage or sent directly over to Consteel by the connection component, for analysis with Consteel’s unique calculations.

Currently supported objects:

Geometry: Lines, arcs, polygons
Structural members: Beams, plates, supports, rigid bodies, diaphragms, link elements, haunches Sections: More than 7000 predefined from Consteel section bank, or custom defined by section macros, including cold-formed sections with stiffener definition support
Custom structural attributes: Release stiffness model, support model, material properties
Loads: Nodal, line, uniform and linearly changing surface loads
Load configuration: Load combinations, load groups, load cases, load transfer surfaces
Organization: Layers, and structural groups
I.O: Load from file, load from Consteel, save to file or Consteel
Integrated parameters: For unambiguous definitions, avoiding the use of nebulous generic parameters

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Posted Jun 02, 2020 by Cécile Lamborot on Rhino News, etc.