Beginner Beam Structure

Hi everyone, hope someone can help a confused newbie.

I have created a simple shading structure, which works perfectly when my ‘shading’ elements (thin wood) is carried by 2 beams, both the same wood cross (33.1 KB) tion. However, the moment I change the CroSec of my beams to a steel I-beam, the model fails, and I have no understanding of why.

When do I need to split my curves, and when can I use a full curve? Does a split curve mean that the element is joined at the split?

Any help would be appreciated! Definition is attached.

Hi @nicovlogg,
if you flatten the input of the Assemble Model then the model is fixed. There is something with the data trees that creates multiple models when you assign the I beams.

Wonderful, thank you. I notice this is only an issue when moving from tubular to I-section profiles.