Panels are showing up when selecting / unselecting an object under macOS


I have noticed a difference in behaviors between windows and macOS version of Rhino when selecting/unselecting objects in a document.

On windows, the process is rather fast.
On macOS it is much slower because Rhino open and prompt either Object properties or Display panel.

My purpose is to make possible to see an animation of a model being constructed (see the two gif under).


As you can see, there is a way to hide the panels under macOS, but I achieved this only manually. I tried to do the following :


And reopen at the end of the process. But selecting the element will re-open the panels every time. Though it is only doing it on Rhino for mac.

The code i use for selecting objects is : doc.Objects.Select()

If the only purpose of selecting objects is to highlighting them. you can use RhinoObject.Highlight

import scriptcontext as sc
objs = sc.doc.ActiveDoc.Objects
for obj in objs:
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It did exactly what i needed. And faster. Thanks a lot !