Wish: indicating selected object

I’d like to have the small layer window on the top (above the perspective viewport) indicating selected objects by changing name and color to the selected object’s layer and color - like in WinRhino. As it is now I have to open to open the right sidebar all the time (where I have my layer properties window).


@marlin, @dan

This one has been debated internally quite a few times…and I believe the behavior you want is captured in MR-1738 and MR-287. I believe many people are in favor of your suggestion. The counter-argument (not my opinion) is that it would contribute to the user-interface being “loud” or “blinky.”

We have it on WinRhino - and had it for many years on AutoCAD. It’s a nice feature and doesn’t make the UI “loud” or “blinky.” You can take my word for it! :smiley:


I’m very familiar with the feature from Rhino for Windows and other softwares…and I agree with you.

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Any news on this? I really, really would like to have the selected objects layer showing up in the small layer window on the top - like in WinRhino. Please! It’s sooo annoying having to constantly open the sidebar with object properties - just to check what layer an object is on!

I’d also like to have some kind of visual indication when “project” is on/off.

These two are the most irritating missing features in MacRhino at the moment! When can we expect to have these ‘fixed?’ ASAP…? Sorry for the rant…
Thank you!


Hi Philip-

No news, except that I’ve bumped MR-287 to Release Target 5.3. Until then, it has been very low priority as it was not hindering people getting work done, but rather a “papercut.” We don’t want “death by a thousand papercuts” though.

I’m actually happy to hear this :wink: (FWIW, I would have thought Grasshopper, Layouts, Sun/Animation tools would have higher priority).

What would you suggest? (Keeping in mind: we would like the keep the overall UI as “tranquil” as possible).

No need to apologize. Keeps us honest!

Thanks again,

Hi Dan!

Well, coming from a WinRhino background I unfortunately see quite a lot of small papercuts… I have just been to busy reporting them. Very sorry about that. Lets see…

  1. If I have the sidebar open (with layers and object properties) the UI is much slower. Could be my (very) old machine…
  2. Having the sidebar open and a layer (or group of layers) highlighted, moving the cursor over to a modeling window and typing cmd+a results in all the layers getting selected instead of all the objects in my model. This gets me every time…
  3. I also see inconsistency regarding layer highlighting - compared to windows. For instance: if I am selecting a group of layers and clicking a light bulb to turn them on or off - it turns off only the layer I’m clicking - not the whole selection! I have to click each layer individually to turn them on/off…
  4. It also would be nice to have the sublayers indicating whether they’re on “stand by” when the parent layer is off (the “half light bulb” in windows). Hope you understand what I mean…
  5. I would like to have a layer selected (and staying selected/highlighted) also when right clicking and selecting, for instance, “select objects on layer” - not just the small, disappearing ‘box.’ In short: duplicating WinRhino-behavior, which I find more intuitive.
  6. There are probably some more regarding the sidebar and layer selection that I can’t recall now - more later…

Yes, they are very important additions. For me, especially Grasshopper and a Maxwell plug-in is something I’d like to have very soon :slightly_smiling: But it’s the small, annoying bugs (?) that are destroying the modeling experience - all the time, during a modeling session - that should be corrected first. The Mac version should first and foremost be on par with the windows version before adding more features - even if we also would like to have those new features very soon :slightly_smiling:

I would actually suggest a ‘button’ right between “planar” and “smart track” at the top - “project” is equally important (the same ‘fix’ would be nice in the windows version also). The button would be highlighted when ‘project’ is ‘on’ (as the rest on those buttons).

A last one: snapping is randomly not always ‘working.’ Nothing happens when you expect a snap text (end, mid or whatever) to appear. I can fix that by first hovering over another viewport - where the snaps usually works - and then going back to my first viewport.

I should probably have started new topic for each ‘bug/wish’, but… now it’s all here :slightly_smiling:

In spite of all this I wish you and the whole team a Happy New Year!
Thanks for all your support!


I guess you are all busy with the Grasshopper integration now :slightly_smiling:


Could be your old machine. But it also depends on what you mean by “UI is slower.” I suspect I know what you mean by this and - if I’m correct - this should be improved with Rhino 6 for Mac …a new, modern, fast Mac will not be included in the purchase however :wink:

This is expected behavior and as designed. You must first click in the viewport once and then do a Command + a. It works this way in most Mac applications. Keynote, for example. Open a new Keynote presentation and make sure the slide organizer is visible. Put your mouse in there and press Command + a, then move into the slide composer itself and press Command + a. You must first click in the slide in order to select “stuff” there.

The layer control is a major weak-point of Rhino for Mac, I believe. We have discussed this at length internally. I don’t have a good answer for this, but just to say that I’m sympathetic. Cold comfort now, but we do hope to improve this in Rhino 6 for Mac (which will share a LOT more DNA with Rhino 6 for Windows). There are some particular challenges with the layer manager, however, and it has its own unique logic that is rather platform agnostic (you know: it’s “Rhino-esque”).

Interesting. Let me mull this one over.

It’s better that way, I admit. :wink:

Happy New Year indeed!

Thanks again.

Ok, I guess it’s my old MacBook Pro. I just meant that the “reaction time” when starting a command (with keyboard shortcuts, usually) can be anything between (about) 250 milliseconds and two seconds, when the sidebar is ‘open.’

What a shame… :slightly_smiling:

It might be Mac/Apple behavior, but I find it very annoying in this case (Rhino/layers/modeling window)… It doesn’t make “ergonomic sense” to me.

Ok, thanks!

I really hope this would make it to the UI very soon (on both platforms - I use both daily)! Thanks for considering!

Next time… :slightly_smiling: