Panelling problems with sweep1

Hello everyone,

I have a problem in my sweep1 function to create a horizontal construction around my flooring in the script. The panels show that certain sweeps are missing, but i can´t find where the problem is located. The panels on the previous components seem fine.
I hope that anyone can help me.


TEST DNA (146.0 KB)

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I strongly dislike sweeps, I tested the seams of curves and domains, but I couldn’t find a solution quickly enough, so I did what you need another way.

Please shorten you file to the minimum needed to illustrate your problem for next times.

TEST DNA (47.7 KB)

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thank you very much for your response and help! Your suggestion helped me with the asked question and another problem I was facing just now.
Thanks for the tip about shortening.

I used an approach similar to @antoinemaes - when Sweep fails, try something else!

I also added the yellow group to eliminate the list of paths you were using. Instead, lines are culled based on their DProd (Dot Product) value with ‘Z’.

TEST DNA (140.1 KB)

I recommend that you disable and/or delete unused components rather than just disable preview. And drop Bifocals, it just clutters the canvas.