Sweep1 failure

I don’t know how to solve this failure. I search everywhere. I’m new in grasshopper. Hope someone can help me!

Hi welcome,

Post your file.


paneles.3dm (1.5 MB) parametrica2.gh (11.2 KB)

That looks like very strange geometry to me, and I’m not sure if this is what you are trying to achieve, but here’s a different (and simpler) approach:
parametrica2-bb1.gh (13.3 KB)

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For me too. But I guess you solved his issue.

Haha! It is! It’s an structure that goes below a preexisting building, that’s why it looks strange…
Loft worked for that segment… the problem continues when I try on other segment…
I thought it may had something to do with the directions of the curves…but it persists.

parametrica 3.3dm (1.5 MB) parametrica3.gh (15.2 KB)