Sweep 1 Not working in grasshopper

Hi guys

Apologies if this is an already resolved issue but i cant seem to find an answer to my issue here.
Im new to grasshopper so please bear with me if im missing the obvious

I cant seem to get my sweep1 to work for me in this instance.
I have a feeling it is down to too many sections possibly as the code will run if i do it will fewer referenced sections. But ideally id like to create a parametric wall with a smooth transition start to finish.
Iv attached (hopefully) images of my code and the result.
Id be really grateful if anyone could give me a hand here.

Cheers in advance

pictures are helpful, but just until a certain point :slight_smile:
please open your gh file and right click on all your parameters that carry geometries referenced in Rhino, and chose “internalise data”
at that point save the GH file, and send it here in the forum by dragging just the GH file on the message window

here is a video on how to do that:

Parametric Walls Code.gh (30.1 KB)
Thanks for the quick reply mate.

I think I have done this right

*Edit Iv just seen the geometry is off to the bottom right of the construction plane

may I ask what were you planning to do with these sections? are you going to change them one by one and want to see those changes reflected in the sweep?

or was that a method to somehow rotate the sections into the right angle along the sweeping rail?

that was indeed my dodgy ass way of getting the angles i needed for the sweep :sweat_smile: Im sure there is a more elegant way to get the correct result but this was my beginner way of doing so haha

nice try :slight_smile:

here it’s using just the very last section (because it lies on XY) oriented on the start of the rail curve:

Parametric Walls Code_Re.gh (23.9 KB)

how it looks from top view:


Oh you beauty! thankyou for that mate!

So im still new to grasshopper but i dont quite understand what is different in your script. what exactly has adding the -1 value to the list item component changed within this script?

Sorry if this is annoying to explain, im just trying to grasp where i have gone wrong in this

Cheers again mate!

the main point is: if you don’t want to get a variable-section sweep but are just looking for the very same section everywhere, then you can just use a single section at very start or at the very end of your rail curve

so, among the list of section curves and planes i picked just the last ones (that’s what the -1 does: it picks the last element from a list, but because you have 9 items it would have been the same if I picked the 8th item… -1 just picks the last one regardless of the length of the list, it’s like saying “count 1 from the bottom”, you can put any index with a minus in front to indicate that)

so we orient that single section curve at the very start of the rail curve

why we pick that last curve and not another one? because that curve lies on the perfect XY plane, so it’s easier to identify (but also the second-to-last section curve was good, which is index 7 or -2, would have produced the very same final result)

actually also curve at index 1 (the second one) lies on XY, so picking one among [1, 7, 8] will work :+1:

[view camera: Left]

ahh i see forgive me.

So my intention was to have variable sections across the sweep, I just hadn’t actually got around to messing with the sections quite yet.

Sorry i hadn’t actually ran your script yet as im now away from my desk.

Essentially the end result im after is being able to create a parametric wall with smooth transitions around the corners, using sections i can play around with until i have the desired effect. Then i plan on running the Brep plane component to take sections running along the rail.

Im hoping ill be able to use these sections to create acoustic baffles within the space

I understand if you don’t have further time to help me on this, I appreciate your help so far it has defiantly helped my understanding on this