Panelization on a spiral line on a sphere

Hello everyone,
I made a spiral on the sphere, it goes from pole to pole.
If anyone has dealt with a similar problem, or who simply knows whether it is possible to do it as a panelization in a spiral as shown below in the figure?
To triangular panels go in a spiral as on the rail

The definition with a spiral on the sphere is attached below

spiral on (10.9 KB)

Divide the nurbs and then use the points in a Ball Pivot (Don’t use Delauney by any means). Not the ideal results … but there’s results around anyway (of some sort).

Thank you so much Peter
Can you tell us how to do this in more detail? the result on this stage is rudimentary coarse
I unfortunately only own a grasshopper
tell me please how to implement Ball Pivot?

spiral on (15.6 KB)

Er … well … Ball Pivot is a reverse engineering approach (done via code) invented by the notorious IBM Labs …

… that gets points (usually LIDAR ) and makes a mesh (or more). If points are many (in some cases are zillions) the quality of the Methods used is all what matters. Parallel programming is used as well these days since there’s cores aplenty around per CPU (not to mention GPU/Tesla etc).

Unfortunately my C# that does that is strictly internal … but if memory serves well a fellow user in the old GH-Forum (dead by now) posted a similar def (I can’t recall the thread nor the name of the app … but I do remember that I have tested it [several years ago] and performed relatively well).

I would suggest to search the old Forum.

BTW: Did a quick search.I think that this is it:


Here’s another possibility using Lunchbox, although it does get a little messy at the poles because the spiral is so highly curved there…

spiral on (12.4 KB)

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thank you very much Peter
I’ll see what kind of work it is

thank you very much Ethan, you really helped

Another approach might be to panel the sphere and select the panels in a “spiral” fashion. Or…take a look at a tool that organizes it for you. Paneling tools is a pretty powerful plug-in that might be of interest.

It is really well documented. Check out pg 13 of the documentation.

Here is an example. (18.9 KB)

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A while back on the old forum @laurent_delrieu presented his definition for a loxodrome on a sphere. Since the solution I gave above had some aesthetic shortcomings, I thought a loxodrome, where the distance between spirals vary, might look better when paneled. Still a little askew at the poles but not as pronounced. You can be the judge. I basically just grafted my approach from above onto his definition. (17.5 KB)